SI4432 433Mhz Wireless Transceiver Module

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SI4432 433Mhz Wireless Transceiver Module


  •     Ultra-thin ultra-small (16.5 × 17mm)
  •     Good harmonics too easy to FCC / CE certification
  •     The penetration ability (measured through 8 floors)
  •     Using the latest version of the U.S. SI4432 IC, stable performance


  •     Frequency range: 433.92M
  •     Sensitivity up to-121dBm
  •     Maximum output power: 20dBm
  •     Ddata transfer rate:0.123-256kbps  
  •     FSK, GFSK and OOK modulation
  •     power supply: 1.8-3.6 V  
  •     Ultra-low-consumption shutdown mode
  •     Digital received signal strength indication (RSSI)
  •     Wake time
  •     Automatic matching and two-way antenna switch control
  •     Configurable packet structure
  •     Preamble detection
  •     64-byte send and receive data register (FIFO)
  •     Low power detection
  •     8-bit ADC and temperature sensor
  •     Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +60 ° C
  •     Integrated voltage regulator
  •     Frequency hopping
  •     Power-on reset function
  •     Built-in lens adjustment


  •     Remote Control
  •     Remote meter reading
  •     Home security alarm and remote keyless entry
  •     Industrial Control
  •     Telemetry Home Automation
  •     Personal data records
  •     Toy Control
  •     Sensor networks
  •     Tire pressure monitoring
  •     Health Monitoring
  •     Wireless PC peripherals
  •     Tag readers

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