TLP557 High Speed Opt couplers

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TLP557 High Speed Opt couplers


Transistor Inverter for Air Conditioner Power Transistor Base Drive  

The TLP557 consists of a GaAℓAs light emitting diode and an integrated photo detector. This unit is 8−lead DIP package. TLP557 is suitable for base driving circuit of power transistor module up to 20A. External resistor needs to connect between pin 6 and pin 7. This is for constant current driving.  

  • Input threshold current: IF = 5 mA (max)
  • Guaranteed performance temperature range: −30~70°C
  • Supply voltage: 16 V (max)
  • Output current: ±0.3 A (max)
  • Switching time (tpLH / tpHL): 5 μs (max)
  • Isolation voltage: 2500 Vrms (min)
  • UL recognized: UL1577, file No. E67349

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