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SD card voice module
Model no: WTV020-SD-16
1. It is an OTP(one time programmable) VOICE-CHIP.
2. ItsOperating voltage:2.5V-3.6V.
3. WTV010 with 10seconds , WTV020 with 20seconds duration at 6KHz .
4. Its sampling rate supported form 6KHz ,8KHz,10KHZ .... 32KHz max.
5. It has higher sampling rate better sound quality and shorter duration.
6. It is with DAC and PWM audio output .
7. DAC output connect to amplifier . PWM output can direct a 0.5W/8ohms speaker.
8. It is equipped with 16 bits DAC Mute will not take up any memory space.
9. The same voices can be re-use and will not take up memory space.
10. Multiple control modes: keymode(keyboard), parallel (COM+SBT), one line serial , two lines serial , three lines serial.
11. Quiescent current 2uA.
12. Support WAV ,16Bit, mono format.
13. Equip with PC software for project editing.

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